Addresses broad range of research involved in the general field of computational neuroscience.

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Welcome to the computational neuroscience email list. This moderated list is intended to address the broad range of research approaches and issues involved in the general field of computational neuroscience. It is intended to allow interactions between experimental and theoretical neurobiologists along with computer scientists, bioinformaticians, engineers, cognitive scientists, physicists, and mathematicians interested in understanding how biological neural systems work.

Postings to the mailing group can equally emphasize experimental, model-based, and more abstract theoretical approaches to understanding neurobiological computation. We also encourage contributions on model databases, modeling languages, relevant analysis tools and software programs.

We realize that subscribers to this list are busy researchers who already receive more than enough email. We do our best to keep the information content of our mailings high, and ask you to do your part by using some restraint in your postings.

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